Recovery Services

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Movement Solutions Physical Therapy is now offering recovery packages for all athletes and active individuals!

These packages are targeted to improve your ability to recover and your performance during competition. Whether you are training for a race, needing to get prepared for your big game, or feeling sore and sluggish after a CrossFit competition this may be just what you need.

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“The Quick Fix” – $30

This package is meant for the individual with a small tweak, or nagging issue to one muscle group. You will receive 15 minutes of Theragun treatment to the muscle or affected area. This will help to improve trigger point tenderness and decrease muscle stiffness.

Dry Needling – $85

This package is meant for the person who has nagging pain in one or multiple muscle groups that isn’t alleviated through massage, foam rolling, stretching, or NSAIDs. You’ll receive 30 minutes of dry needling to the affected area(s). Dry needling is a safe and effective way to reset the muscle to provide instant relief.

Normatec Recovery System – $30

This package is meant for the active individual who is experiencing excessive muscle soreness and fatigue in their lower extremities from running, lifting weights, swimming, cycling, etc. You will receive 30 minutes of the Normatec PULSE Recovery system. This machine uses compressed air to massage your legs, mobilize fluid, and speed recovery.

Full Recovery – $120

This package is meant for the athlete who wants a full body recovery before/after competition or during intense training. You will receive 60 minutes of a combination of the modalities listed above based on your specific needs and preference. You will leave this session feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready for competition.