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One-on-one care for performance, fitness, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Sports Rehabilitation

Dealing with pain or discomfort during your sport or activity? Improve your performance by learning simple and effective solutions to your problem. We treat athletes of all ages and skill levels, whether you are a professional, college, or high school football player, marathon runner, or a participant in a weekly Group Exercise or CrossFit class we can help you!

Active Aging

Do you want to maintain your independence and activity level? Have you had a recent surgery or plan to have one? Whether you have just had your joint replaced, had a recent fall, or having more trouble participating in something you love, we can help you maximize your recovery and achieve your goals.

Women's Health

Do you have bladder issues, pain during intimacy, or postpartum weakness? These issues are often overlooked, but they respond positively to specific strategies and treatment. You don’t have to accept pelvic pain and dysfunction as just “part of life.” You can be evaluated and treated by an expert who can help you get back to feeling confident and strong.

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