“He took care of not only me, but everyone I have seen walk through his door. Patient care is key in this clinic!”

– Russell Duncan

“He is not like any other PT. His one-on-one style approach to care made me feel confident that he listened to my needs and followed up to make sure those needs were being met!”

– Lisa Burkhart

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“After 4 weeks of therapy, I am completely pain free! It is the best thing that I have done for my personal wellness.”

– Nneka Hendrix

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“When I finished PT at the “big box” clinic I thought I would have to modify all of my daily activities for the rest of my life, until I met Dr. Knight.”

– Toni Snider

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Physical Therapy Charlotte North Carolina
  • Is back pain affecting your performance?
  • Has a recent surgery prevented you from getting back to your prior fitness level?
  • Are you constantly modifying your exercises or daily activities due to pain?
  • Are you missing game time due to a chronic or recurring injury?
  • Have you been told you are too old to run?

Whether your sport is CrossFit, running marathons, basketball, or walking up and down the stairs we can help you remain in the game!

Live Life Without Limitations!

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Top 6 Physical Therapy Myths during National PT Month

Top 6 Physical Therapy Myths during National PT Month

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To Stretch or Not to Stretch? Tips for Optimizing Flexibility

To Stretch or Not to Stretch? Tips for Optimizing Flexibility

Many have grown up with the understanding that, whenever you’re about to work out, compete or otherwise push your body, it’s important to stretch immediately before the activity in order to prevent injury and perform your best. ...

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